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Welcome to the new webshop of
Nihon Food!

Nihon Food is originally an import- and distribution company of Japanese food products. In September of 2016 we started a webshop for Japanese expats and for everyone who loves delicious Japanese food. In March 2017, the webshop was reconstructed. Our new webshop stands for service and quality, which we are very proud of!

Our goal is to let our customers enjoy the Japanese cuisine. Service and Quality are the core values within our company and have contributed to our growth and development. If you are unsatisfied about something, or if you have a question or comment, please let us know and contact us. Under the subcategory ‘contact’ you will find out how to contact us.

You will find the menu bar at the top of the website. Here you can find all our product categories. You can put your favorite groceries in the shopping basket and finish your order. If you are not satisfied, it is possible to remove or add products (before you order).

Do you want to know when you can expect your order? Click ‘delivery’, where you can find important information about our way of delivery. We advise you to read this page carefully before you make an order.

We hope you are having a good time on our website and with our products!